IC Pen in energy sector

In the energy sector, the IC Pen system can support both the process of digitizing and processing contracts concluded at Customer Service Centres, as well as control activities of field staff.

Control report for field workers

A common problem is that the flow of information about the results of the checks is too slow. The possibility of quick access to control documentation is important for both employees and customers. Unfortunately, the traditional process of delivering protocols to the company's headquarters, scanning them and entering them into the system is time-consuming.

With IC Pen technology, you can increase the number of checks and shorten the flow of information.

Controllers are equipped with digital pens, control protocols and attachments generated from the IC Pen system and a mobile application installed on the company tablet. During the inspection, all documentation is filled in with a digital pen, which collects data during writing, and then automatically sent to the server to the company's headquarters. The communication between the pen and the server takes place without the participation of the controller - it does not have to perform any additional activities.

Thanks to the IC Pen system, electronic documentation can be created at the moment of creating a paper document. This means that all control documentation is available immediately after the audit is completed for all authorized employees of the company. All forms are automatically placed in the system, which means that employees do not have to waste time on scanning them.

Another benefit of using digital pens is that they reduce the frequency of field visits to the company's premises, allowing inspectors to increase the number of inspections and reduce the response time to inspection notifications.


Enea Operator S.A. - digital pens are used to create control protocols. Thanks to the digitalisation of data on the IC Pen platform, employees in field inspections can immediately send a report to the headquarters without the need to rewrite it.

Documents at Customer Service Centres

The IC Pen solution allows for automatic creation of an electronic version of the contract confirmed by a biometric behavioural signature with graphological features and immediate transmission of information about the signing of the document by the customer to the Head Office.

Thanks to the IC Pen system, only one copy of the contract is printed, which is signed by the customer with the digital pen of the IC Pen. The document is automatically scanned into the system and the archive, so that employees no longer have to scan all documents at the end of their work or index them. Large savings in time and money also result from the lack of need to transport contracts to the central archive.

The use of the IC Pen solution speeds up the process of providing information on the conclusion of a contract and activates contracts/services at the moment of their actual conclusion. At the same time, this improvement does not additionally burden any of the parties to the process - documents, as it is currently the case, are signed with a pen on paper. The only change from the point of view of the current course of the process will be the use of a digital pen that looks and writes like a regular, familiar pen.

Digital pens can also be used to sign contracts outside the office, at the customer's home. The advantage is immediate creation of entries in the system concerning the documents - information appears in the system automatically, which saves the time of people working in the field to enter data into the system. Additionally, the sent information is more up-to-date - automatic updates several times a day, instead of a one-time entry of all documents. Moreover, the scope of information on the working time of consultants working in the field is extended - the Supplier gains full information on the actual time of commencement of the transfer of contracts, the time of concluding individual contracts, intervals between the delivery of documents to individual locations, etc.