Financial services

IC Pen in financial services

Banking and Insurance

The IC Pen system is a universal solution whose main assumption is to eliminate all activities disturbing the natural process occurring every day in the company. Time-consuming stages related to scanning, transmission or personal delivery of documentation limit the possibilities of development and result in increased costs of business. The functionality of the IC Pen system and digital pen enables the generation of additional time for the Customer, and thus increases the effectiveness of sales activities.

The financial sector is very diverse and includes many activities. However, the relationship between its efficient functioning and the increase in competitiveness of state economies and its importance for dynamic development cannot be omitted. Insurance activity is primarily a form of personal and property insurance in order to neutralise the undesirable effects of random events.

Financial activity is connected with maintaining complex customer documentation and a database of offers and often multi-page agreements. Moreover, many activities related to customer service are connected with the requirement to conduct business outside the institution and require full mobility and time availability. Often, mobile work is additionally burdened with a regular requirement to complete formalities in the company's headquarters - including the transfer of documents, scanning, transmission or copying.

PKO Polish Bank - the largest universal bank in Poland uses IC Pen technology in its branches. Agreements signed on paper are immediately visible in the electronic system. This saves a lot of time for the Bank's employees, who currently spend on scanning and describing documents after the branch is closed. Thanks to this, we achieve a full electronic circulation of documents and eliminate paper in the organization, even though the starting point is paper and pen - a convenient, understandable and legal technology.

  • Long processing of documents in the back-office (agreements/applications signed at the Customer Service Centre and in the field; preparing damage assessment protocols)
  • Inability to embed a completed paper document in time
  • Sub-optimal use of resources: high paper consumption; additional work consisting in scanning documents, entering data into a computer and costs related to logistics and document archiving

The IC PEN system, using digital pens, enables the simultaneous creation of a paper version of documents and their electronic equivalents. To automatically digitize handwritten data, there are no scanners or tablets required to increase administrative workload. Documents filled with a digital pen are instantly available as a scan and analysed on the computer, reducing costs of document processing within the organisation by 75%.

Benefits for the financial industry
Shortening the workflow

Signed documents in the Customer Service Office or in the field may be immediately available at the Insurer's Head Office, and the process of service provision commenced at the moment of signing.


- less paper consumption (printing only 1 copy of a document - for the customer. The organization has its own electronic version)
- elimination of digitalization activities (scanning, transcription of data, archiving, logistics)
- reduction of costs by 75%.

Availability of time and place stamps

Digital pens record the exact time and place of fillings (e.g. damage assessment protocol), which makes it impossible to prevent the document from being dated.

Biometric signature

Signatures on documents filled with a digital ballpoint pen are stored in biometric form and as an integral part of documents they constitute its legal value and guarantee security.