IC Pen - a response to the need for electronic collection and exchange of information between authorities. Computerization of public institutions without the requirement of costly training or remembering complex operating instructions and organizational procedures.

The IC Pen system is a solution that combines simplicity of use with the latest technological solutions. The implementation of the IC Pen and digital pen technology does not force a change in the existing style of work, enabling the simultaneous generation of time spent on time-consuming and tiring activities.

The diversity of legal regulations in force and the hierarchy of public administration have become the reason for the complexity of the documentation. Currently, public institutions strive to introduce electronic document management systems that would facilitate the performance of daily work, but they are limited by a number of legal conditions and a developed system of work.

Such legislation is not necessarily associated with revolutionary changes in the activities of public institutions and in the labour standards adopted so far. The computerisation of institutions is both a challenge and an opportunity to minimise activities that hamper the daily work of officials.

Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe - election observation

IC Pen technology is used in OSCE observation missions to assess whether elections are conducted in accordance with fundamental values such as freedom, equality or universality - inter alia missions in Russia, Kyrgyzstan or the USA. IC Solutions helps the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe to collect data from more than 300 observer teams whose observation forms are available in the central IT system shortly after their completion and transmission. With digital ballpoint pens, observers can collect more data at the same time by visiting additional polling stations - previously this was not possible because they had to look for a fax to send the collected data.