IC Pen System

IC Pen system

The vision of IC Solutions is to create and implement IT projects that change the analogue world into a digital world in an invisible way. Our goal in designing IT solutions is that everyone can use high technologies regardless of their competences and that the implemented solutions do not exclude anyone. We focus primarily on the end user, his needs and capabilities. Based on our experience, high technology is one that everyone can reach for, it is not only for the selected ones. Thanks to such a look, the users of our IC Pen solution can be medical personnel from Poznań, Warsaw social workers, bank advisors, but also international OSCE observers who go on missions to various parts of the world and with the help of our technology fill in reports, assessing whether the conducted elections are democratic.
Paper to digi

Despite the current paperless trend, there are still places and processes where paper is a more convenient, understandable or legally required solution (signatures). The IC Pen system combines the advantages of paper usage with the benefits of electronic document repository.

The software is fully copyrighted and determines the innovativeness of the project. Developed algorithms are unique in the world and have enabled the creation of a system characterized by universality and applied in various industries such as: healthcare, finance and insurance, logistics and transport, research centers and many others. It is possible thanks to the compatibility of the system with both the digital pen and mobile devices.

The IC Pen system is not only the technology of digital pens. The IC Pen is a platform that can collect data from different interfaces - documents filled with a digital pen on paper, stylus on tablet or signed on a Wacom device.

Each of these methods allows the compilation and authentication of signatures on documents, as biometric data are collected.

What is a behavioral biometric signature? Read more

The technology of digital pens allows for the simultaneous creation of a paper version of documents and their electronic equivalents. In order to automatically digitise handwritten data, there is no need for scanners or tablets, which prolong administrative tasks, e.g. at the expense of contact with a patient or a client. Moreover, using a digital pen does not change everyday habits - it can be used by anyone regardless of age, social status or cultural background.

The IC Pen enables both the creation of documents, their filling in and analysis within the extended analytical module. The system does not force a change in everyday habits and enables the use of technology wherever there is concern about the negative effects of digital exclusion. The IC Pen is an answer to many contemporary problems of institutions, in which the workflow of documents occurs, among others, in the healthcare or public administration. The system guarantees time savings thanks to the possibility to completely switch off the stage of scanning or entering data into a computer, which comprehensively solves, among others, the problem of computerization of hospitals and introduction of Electronic Medical Records. Paper archives are no longer necessary, thus not depriving the possibility of authorising documents in a natural, understandable and friendly way. Thanks to us, the document workflow process can be instantaneous, which gives our customers measurable financial benefits.

IC Pen Scheme

What do you get with IC Pen?

More patient

Doctors accept 10-12 more patients a day thanks to the IC Pen system, where Electronic Medical Records are created automatically and naturally.

75% savings

250k documents per day with €1,00 perdocument of processing costs turned into a mere €0,25

7 km of paper saved

7 km faxes and overnight rewriting shifts during a single weekend turned into a simple click of the Export button.

40% savings

field reporting times cut down by 40% with remote data transfer to the office and automatic digitization

20 h per week

20h per week per person saved for back office processing with a convenient and robust device used in production environment


Improving document workflows
e.g. CMR
Instant data update with mobile application