IC Pen in the industry

Digitalization and fast data transfer are becoming a particular challenge for the documentation of processes taking place in difficult conditions. The IC Pen system comprehensively meets the needs of industrial and manufacturing companies, thanks to the high resistance of digital pens to falls and high temperatures.

How to improve the flow of information and introduce high technology without interfering with the existing processes of keeping production documentation?

The answer to this challenge is the IC Pen technology. The introduction of digital pens does not destroy the existing documentation processes. Additionally, it gives the possibility of tracking the current production progress and quick search for information about the produced elements.

The main benefits of the implementation are shortening the time and ways of providing information, easy and quick training of users and facilitating work in difficult conditions.


- Daicel Safety Systems Europe


Savings of 20 hours per week of work in the back-office (scanning, documenting)

Detailed control of the production process - accurate data on the time and person who makes the entries

Convenient to use and durable device - well suited for difficult production conditions (digital pen is resistant to falls, impacts, etc.)

Possibility to work offline - the pen saves the data in its memory

Shortening and accelerating the process of digitalization of documents filled in during production

Possibility of quick verification and finding a specific product of a given series

Use of biometric signature - possibility of precise identification of the person signing the document