IC Pen in logistics

The functionality of the IC Pen system enables both the creation of forms and transport documents, their filling with a ballpoint pen and their automatic cataloguing and archiving. The IC Pen is not only a tool for maintaining an electronic database of documents, but also for their analysis within the analytical module extended with the functions of determining time and chronology of writing, pen number (most often assigned to an employee) and many other data.

Logistics and transport is a sector that is a pillar of economic development, while being inextricably linked with the formalities for the subsequent stages of the flow of goods. Thanks to the IC Pen system and the project of using digital pens, all processes related to the formal support of the transport network or the entire logistics process can be significantly optimized.

All stages of delivery and transport can be accompanied by further forms (or even extended documents). The use of a digital pen has a positive effect on the speed of information transfer between the entities responsible for the subsequent stages of transport. This functionality of the technology also enables informing the company's headquarters or the person sending the goods about any logistical problems, as well as about making possible annotations.

At present, the biggest challenge faced by representatives of logistics and transport companies is the question of signature and its legal recognition. The IC Pen system provides the ability to collect and compare biometric behavioural signatures. Moreover, an electronic database of documents enables efficient access of all authorized persons to specific documents or agreements - this is an important aspect for effective control of the processes taking place in the company.