Other uses of IC Pen

IC Pen is a universal and intuitive system to use, which enables its application in all institutions where time and efficient communication are important. The IC Pen, based on digital pen technology, enables simple implementation in any conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming training.

The IC Pen system is an original solution that allows for any changes designed in cooperation with the client to fully meet its functionality, and thus positively influence the standards of work style and efficiency of the business.

IC Pen allows any modifications, the functionality of which is determined on the basis of the Customer's needs.

The aim of the system is to create an electronic equivalent of a paper form as imperceptible as possible. This process consists of only a few simple steps - enough:

  • Create a form or import a ready-made pattern
  • Print the selected file on a laser printer
  • Fill in with a digital ballpoint pen
  • Transfer to the system via Bluetooth connection or docking station
  • Analyse and process as needed