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IC Pen System

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We have been digitizing paper since 2009


digital transformation with IC Pen System.

Our solutions change the way healthcare, energy producers and suppliers, international organizations and research institutions operate.

We initiate big changes
We use advanced technology that introduces organizations to the transformation process and digital development.
Good technology is easy to use
All the solutions used in the IC Pen system are designed with the users in mind. Our the system and devices allow you to easily digitize data in paper form and optimize work with them.

Use cases


Electronic Medical Records Patient consent, medical interviews System integrated with the largest HIS suppliers

Customer service

Contracts authenticated with behavioural biometric signature Insurance: damage assessment reports, insurance applications, etc.


Control protocols Automatic generation of reports from documents filled in on paper

Energy sector

Documents signed at Customer Service Offices Fieldwork: Protocols, forms, applications


Documentation management at different stages of production Drop-proof device Working in harsh environments


Improving document workflows eg. CMR Instant data update with mobile application

Our Partners

A solution tailored to the needs of your organization

Legal signature

Signatures affixed with a digital ballpoint pen may contain behavioural biometric features, making the digital version of the document legally valid


IC Pen saves time and money for scanning, rewriting, transporting and archiving paper documents


built-in battery and memory allow you to write all day in the field without Internet access


it is not possible to read data from a ballpoint pen without connecting it to an IT system with appropriate privileges


using the IC Pen boils down to the ability to write with an ordinary pen, so almost anyone can use the system without training

Data digitisation

Handwriting is converted into digital text in real time without any additional action

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