IC Pen - Digital pen

Create digital documents in an easy and cheap way.

We are convinced that only open cooperation makes it possible to achieve success, therefore we remain available for all our Clients’ proposals. The functionality of the IC Pen system is modified on the basis of many factors, including the type of Client’s activity, the scope of application of the system, legal requirements or individual expectations.

IC Pen is a fully flexible solution allowing integration with other IT environments applied in the organization.

The catalogue of basic points of offer for the implementation of the system includes:

  • Licence for the IC Pen system
  • Devices (digital pens, tablets, screens)
  • Integration of Document Repository with any IT system
  • Audit of paper documents
  • Preparation of paper documents in the system
  • Server installation work
  • Training for employees in the operation of the IC Pen system
  • Service care